Wednesday, 9 July 2014

German coastal wanderings

Jack and Ian arrived on Monday night as planned so we left Warnermuende next morning with only a rough plan in mind. Having initially intended to go back east the wind was not looking good for that with easterlies for a few days then westerlies. We tried to lay a course for Gedser in Denmark but the light wind had too much north so we headed along the coast a short way to Kuehlungsborn and had a quiet night in the marina. 
A better wind and fine weather next day took us up to Burg on Fehmarn. A busy wee harbour but we got squeezed in and enjoyed a trip ashore for a beer. Another submarine here but we did not go aboard for a visit. I did tho manage to get my Calor propane cylinder recharged for half the cost of a replacement at home. 
Fine weather again took us under the bridge an on a short way to Heiligenhafen. Another interesting town with a busy harbour and marina. As  everywhere facilities are excellent and put our at home to shame.
Jack and Ian enjoy the Baltic sunshine

We had been told about Kiel week which is a huge sailing event which ends with a parade of sail on the Saturday which I was told was well worth a look. We headed for Laboe in the Kieler Foerde so we would be well placed for the parade next morning.
I don't think I ever saw so many boats in my life. There was every kind of pleasure boat, tall ships, steamships as far as the eye could see.

 The Big Parade

We were heading out slowly in amongst loads of boats and as you can see by the sky a massive thunderstorm eventually reduced visibility down to about 100 yards at the worst of it. It took a bit of teamwork watching radar AIS and window wiping (about the only time Ive used he inside helm)   to get us out safely but with slow speed by all vessels it was fine.

We headed away north to Marstal on the Danish island of Aero. A very bonny town with loads of nice wee houses and a great tradition of building the Baltic trading vessels. A good sail back next day found us anchored for the first time in Flensburg Foerde. It was very quiet and we enjoyed a mega feed of mince and tatties with carrots and fresh peas bought from the Danish supermarket. They do have good veg with new tatties that the skin falls from. What happened to these ones at home I wonder.

Jack enjoys the houses in Marstal

Next morning we headed the 20 miles or so to Flensburg. We still had a day in hand but decided a day ashore to sort out trains etc would be good. We got a cracking berth right in the town centre and enjoyed good meals ashore and wanderings in the town. We visited the ship museum where a very pleasant well spoken and interesting guy explained all about the steam launch he was rebuilding.

The Steam Engine

Well we all headed off to Hamburg on the excellent value for money and efficient German railway network. Jack and Ian went into the departure lounge and I met Susan before jumping back on the train to Flensburg.

Leaving Flensburg

We stayed another night as its a pleasant interesting town then headed out in sunshine to Soenderborg. A lovely berth alongside the town quay was great. Through the opening bridge next day and into into Alsfjord where we anchored at Lejsbjerg.

This bridge opens every 30 mins! 

Thunder and lightning was impressive.
On next day to Faaborg and into a tight post berth. Gettingt the hang of these now but they are still tricky in a wind! Sometimes getting out is worse than getting in!
Roasting hot with lots of people swimming from Faaborgs new swimming platform.
Were currently over in Aeroeskoebing on Aero again. Its a lovely island with lots of old and interesting buildings.

Nice wee streets

The Kirk

 Wind has been fresh but sun is shining so having some chill out time and some long walks. Intending to start on the way short hopping to Copenhagen tomorrow.