Saturday, 6 August 2016

End of the line!

We entered Coruna Marina on the Monday morning and arranged our lift out for the following wing Monday. We had a week to get the sails etc off the boat but still Lenny of time to do a bit of sightseeing and winding down before flying home.
We took the very impressive RENFE train to Santiago de Compostella made famous by the Camino pilgrims walk which is becoming evermore popular. The route varies from as far as 800km away in France, to a minimum of walking the last hundred km required to get the certificate or have your sins forgiven in a holy year!
A beautiful city it is though with an incredible restoration of the cathedral ongoing.

There was an African happy clappy band who tried to enlist me and were nearly successful 

We had a few good walks around La Coruna including one to the famous Torre de Hercules, reputed to be one of the first ever lighthouses built by the Romans. The original was added to over the years and is now a very grand building.
Susan did a bit of cycling on ye olde bike!

The last Monday arrived and with a tinge of sadness we made our way to Marina Seca for our 4.30 travelift appointment! Reversing in with the crosswind was not going to be easy or perhaps even possible. The team were though very professional and a rib tied a line on the bow to hold her straight. Within 1 1/2 hours we were lifted out, pressure washed and safely placed I a secure cradle.

So there she will be until next year when we will decide when and where to go. This year was just over 1500 miles but I could happily do much less next year!